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Published Works

The Escapist
Jos lives in an America much different than ours. Climate change has destroyed the world and the apocalypse is a distant memory. The government controls food, water, and medicine, bestowing it on the rich and influential. For everyone else, life in the crowded cities is an endless horror of hunger and suspense. It’s a dystopian future where a rebellion is always simmering. Where those in power will do anything to quiet the impoverished and weak. It’s a world where supernatural abilities — like telekinesis, precognition, and mind control — are real, feared, and very useful. Jos must use his own, horrifying Gift to help him comply with the government’s deadly orders. It’s a Gift that is chipping away at his sanity, turning the man he used to be into a distant fiction. But everyone has his breaking point, and every story must come to an end. Available on Kindle and other online stores
Every love story is different. Léonie Boutin has given up on romance — until a corpse shows up in her morgue in the dead of night. In one instant, her normal, everyday life in Paris becomes paranormal. And she, a young woman well-acquainted with death, is faced with an immortal mystery. In this gothic horror novelette laced with both suspense and humor, a strange man arrives to show Léonie even the impossible is possible. And that man, feared as a monster by the world, is inspired to hope once again. Available on Kindle and other online stores
Bernie & Baris
Deep in the mountains of the Adirondacks, there lives a monster. Legends about his ferocity and violence keep a little village in constant suspense, but one little girl knows better than to believe the rumors. Instead, she sees the broken humanity in his fearsome eye. And she’ll do anything to keep him safe. Theirs is a story of love and friendship. Of loyalty, bravery, and the cruelty of prejudice. This free little tale will leave you both in horror and heart-broken. Available on Kindle and other online stores
It's a lovely day to travel through rural New England. That's what Harriet and Arthur Bloomsbury think, but that comforting feeling is a fiction. Lurking among the stone walls, picturesque barns, and hay bales is a horror they can't imagine. It's deadly, impossible -- maybe even supernatural. What began as a leisurely road trip becomes a fight for survival against a threat Harriet and Arthur couldn't imagine, a threat they can barely understand. Is it the serial killers hunting them? Their own paranoia? Or the very laws of nature? In a short story that combines historical fiction with true crime, soft sci-fi, and suspense, Slip explores a dark drama buried deep in 19th century America -- an unusual band of murderers who wreaked havoc on unsuspecting travelers, then vanished into history. Available on Kindle and other online stores
Your past is a mystery. So is the present, for that matter. But a memory is haunting you — a story of horror, blood, and death, where ghosts haunt you at every turn. Hell, you may even be one of them. Where are you? You’re in Limbo. In this short piece of paranormal flash fiction, see how one misdeed can stay with you forever. Available on Kindle and other online stores
Don’t call Jack a zombie, that’s just rude. Sure, his kind started this horrible apocalypse, but don’t hold that against him. The plague wasn’t his fault — it was fiction. Now, like all the survivors, he just wants his life back. Trouble is, those lucky enough to still have healthy complexions won’t let him. In a wistful short story of zombie humor, Jack tries to rise above the prejudice and convince the world he’s more than just rotting flesh. Available on Kindle and other online stores
In the near future, robots tend to humans’ every need. The worst thing that could happen is rebellion, especially if you’re plotting murder. Llewellyn Ingram is counting on his servant, Apollo, to remain loyal. Trouble is, his inner workings are a mystery. Can he think on his own? Does he know the difference between right and wrong? In a free story that blends science fiction with horror and suspense, learn what happens when Apollo is engulfed in his master’s sinister plan. Will he remain loyal, or do what is right? Available on Kindle and other online stores
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